The Band

The Disco Prophets are the hottest, funkiest, most stylish wedding band and function band in the East Midlands area. Laying down a groove that’s simply irresistible, the Disco Prophets deliver a potent mixture of 70’s and 80’s Disco classics, together with the very best of modern dance floor favourites.

With over 10 years professional experience of delivering stunning live performances, The Disco Prophets have all the grooves, moves and attitude to make your party, wedding or function a roaring success.

Tracing the DNA of Disco from the 70’s and delivering the vibes from the likes of Chic, Michael Jackson and Donna Summer, the Disco Prophets also bring the groove right up to date with the sounds of Pharrell, Bruno Mars, Daft Punk, Marc Ronson and many more.

The Players

“On The Drums .. bringing the thunder to tear you asunder!”‘Reverend’ Cornelious Thunderfunk

“On The Guitar .. he’ll make your heart pound faster, with his funk Stratocaster!”The White Nile

“On The Bass .. keeping the groove low and slick, with his phat booty-stick!” Mr Eugene Loops 

“On The Keyboards .. spicing up the vibe, so you just can’t hide!”  - Professor Ricardo Beathoven

“On Vocals and long blond hair .. hitting the notes, that make your heart float!”Miss Sherazne Perzaz

“On Vocals and  MC-ing .. keeping it moving to keep you a groovin’!” - Miss Mini Fuffkin 

“On Vocals and percussion .. breaking out of his cage and prowling the stage!” - Soul Panther